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I’ve tried this before and didn’t exactly get the hang of it so I gave it up to do things that were faster or eaiser for me to do.   Now I am ready!

At my age learning to use the microwave is sometimes a challenge.  Just kidding! I am not so old.

I an a non-traditional college student.  I love it.  Of course, I am doing it on line but there are deadlines I have to meet and I always seem to work better under pressure.

There are so many opportunities to learn today and I hate to look back and say “oops, missed it”.  I thought I wanted to be a nurse so I entered college and almost finished the BSN program.  One quarter left and I decided that I just couldn’t do it.  It takes a specially inspired person to do that.  My husband says I am special so I guess I just wasn’t inspired.

I kind of tested the waters in a variety of other subjects that didn’t inspire me to work in a related field,  Then I met Social Work and Criminal Justice.  Love at first sight.  I got a BSW and earned the credits for a BS in criminal justice.  The school would only award one Bachelor at a time (the one I got was gorgeous).  We might talk about that later.  Anyway, now I am working at getting a Masters.  They say they are better than Bachelors.  I plan to go on to a PhD before I buy my rocking chair.  I always told my kids I would have that title so they wouldn’t have to lie on my tombstone,  now I have reiterated it to the grand-children.

I will have something of value on this blog really soon. Oh, well. Keep learning! And Yall Come Back.


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