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Having a job and making a living are two different things.

While Wall Street has made a rebound and the unemployment is lower than it has been since 2000, a lot of families are still not rebounding so well.   The auto industry has once again become a real work force  and a lot of companies are bring the jobs back to America because of the rising cost of wages in countries like China and Mexico.  It appears that people are not so different anywhere in the world.  If they work hard enough for the corporations to make money, they want a share in the prosperity.

There have been many new jobs created but most of them pay minimum wages or slightly above minimum wages.  Take a family of four and try feeding them on $8.00 an hour.  That’s about $240.00 a week after taxes.  The kids don’t get a lot to eat after rent, utilities, car payment and gas to get back and forth to work.  Heaven forbid that the car has to have repairs or the kids have to have new shoes before school starts back in the fall.

Republican President Nominee Mitt Romney said that there is probably no need to raise the current minimum wage.  I can think of a few like I like to eat and get medicine when I am sick and I want to pay for it out of my paycheck, not off a food stamp card or Medicaid card.

One percent of the world’s population owns about 40 percent of the world’s wealth  http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/story/2006/12/05/globalwealth.html . The bottom 40 percent of the people exist on about one percent of the wealth.  Something just doesn’t  seem right about that.

Tax breaks for the wealthy because they create jobs.  The jobs they create don’t support a family after they take their profits and a lot of profits.

If Americans must resort to riding a bike to work and sharing their homes between two or more families surely the wealthy can make a little less and budget a little better.


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